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Social network giant Facebook just announced the addition of a new feature called Organ Donor to their Facebook Timeline.

On its own Facebook sharing organ donor status page it says:

“More than 114,000 people in the United States, and millions more around the globe, are waiting for the heart, kidney or liver transplant that will save their lives. Many of those people – an average of 18 people per day – will die waiting, because there simply aren’t enough organ donors to meet the need. Medical experts believe that broader awareness about organ donation could go a long way toward solving this crisis.”

The obvious hope for the new feature is that awareness of the need for donators will become more widespread, and to further boost this, Facebook is also adding direct links that will allow interested members to register as an organ donor in an attempt to try and save more lives across the country/globe. The new features will fall under the standard Facebook privacy guidelines, meaning that visibility can be restricted through the usual manner.

Finally a great move from Facebook that is going to benefit many people with their health and one that will make you proud to be a part of.


Fill In Facebook Timeline – Tips & Guidelines

  • You can use the floating add-on bar at the top of the timeline to add new events. The bar stands still even while you scroll down. Click ‘+’ button to get more options and add new events.
  • New events are organized in following sections
    • Work & Educations [briefcase icon ]
      • Add Job
      • Retired
      • Studied Abroad
      • Graduated
      • Volunteer Work
      • Military Service
      • Other Life Events
    • Family & Relationships [Love symbol]
      • Got Engaged
      • Got Married
      • Add a Child
      • Add a pet
      • Lost a Loved One
      • Other Life Event
    • Living [Home icon]
      • Moved
      • Bought a Home
      • Add a Roommate
      • Add a vehicle
      • Other Life Event
    • Health & Wellness [Apple icon]
      • Broke a bone
      • Had Surgery
      • Overcame an illness
      • Other Life Event
    • Milestones & Experiences [Flag icon]
      • Add a hobby
      • learned a Language
      • Got a piercing or a tattoo
      • Got a license
      • Traveled
      • Achievement or Award
      • Other Life Event
In all sections you facebook timeline have an option for adding “Other Life Event” which are not listed in the options, so that you can fill in at your convenience.

Facebook added a convenient feature that you can also add events directly in the Timeline.  To add an event directly in the Timeline just hover over the central blue line and click the “plus” to add new event.

All the events in your Timeline are default to “public” view. You have set the privacy by clicking the drop-down menu on the bottom of the event box where it says “public”. You can restrict the timeline event view for friends, family or relevant groups or set up a custom option to show to certain people.

You can hide or delete your timeline events.  To hide/delete, click the pencil button at the top-right of the event box.

You can minimize your timeline events.  To minimize, click the star at the top-right of the event box.


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