Between the multiple types of Facebook Advertising, research has shown that News Feed Re-targeting Ads generate up to 49 TIMES more clicks at 54% LESS COST than Right Hand Side (RHS) Facebook Advertising.

The difference between Right Hand Side Ads and News Feed ads comes in the form of their location, ability to scale and engagement rate . However the news feed is where people take notice – it’s where social engagement takes place. News Feed ads’ large size and prominent placement allow for more marketing copy which makes them hard to miss. They also include all of Facebook’s regular social elements; they are likeable, shareable and commentable.

Below Picture will give you a better Idea about the concept.


Facebook Ads

According to Adroll’s research, as of June 2013, news feed ads make up 0.5% of the total ads served, however clicks from these ad units now account for 15% of all retargeting clicks that occur in Adroll campaigns. This shows that Facebook Ads is essential for ROI marketers.