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Between the multiple types of Facebook Advertising, research has shown that News Feed Re-targeting Ads generate up to 49 TIMES more clicks at 54% LESS COST than Right Hand Side (RHS) Facebook Advertising.

The difference between Right Hand Side Ads and News Feed ads comes in the form of their location, ability to scale and engagement rate . However the news feed is where people take notice – it’s where social engagement takes place. News Feed ads’ large size and prominent placement allow for more marketing copy which makes them hard to miss. They also include all of Facebook’s regular social elements; they are likeable, shareable and commentable.

Below Picture will give you a better Idea about the concept.


Facebook Ads

According to Adroll’s research, as of June 2013, news feed ads make up 0.5% of the total ads served, however clicks from these ad units now account for 15% of all retargeting clicks that occur in Adroll campaigns. This shows that Facebook Ads is essential for ROI marketers.


Build your Facebook Page
Create a Page to build lasting relationships with your existing customers and to promote your business.
Pages allow you to:

Connect with new fans with multiple well-targeted Facebook Ads
Once you have created your Page, acquire new fans for your Page with Facebook Ads.
Facebook Ads allow you to:

  • Grow yourfan base by encouraging people to like your Page by offering valuable benefits
  • Reach a large audience with a well targeted Ad campaign

To create Facebook Ads, simply:

  • Go to http://www.facebook.com/ads/create to set up your Ads
  • Create atleastfour versions of your Ads so you can experiment with differentimages, calls to action andmessaging to understand what Ads are performing the best
  • Test a variety oftarget groupsbasedoncriteria suchas age, gender, likes, interests, location, etc.
  • Regularly review the performance of your Ads by visiting http://www.facebook.com/ads/manage

Engage your fans with quality content
Develop a posting strategy to engage with your fans on an ongoing basis and increase your posts’ visibility.
Your posting strategy allows you to:

  • Give your Page an authentic and consistent voice and encourage people to like and share your posts
  • Drive sales by offering special deals and giveaways to bring people into your store

To develop your posting strategy, simply:

  •   Create a conversational calendar to help plan the timing and themes of your posts (we suggest 1–2 posts per week)
  • Post engaging contentlike photos, videos and questions to encourage fan participation
  • Highlightimportant and relevant storieswithournewstarfunctionanduse thenew“pinning” functionto anchorthe most important stories to the top of your Page for up to 7 days
  • Reach and engage more of yourfans by sponsoring Page posts at http://www.facebook.com/ads/create

Facebook’s Steps to Business Success
Influence the friends of fans by promoting social activity from your Page
Extend the reach of your posts by promoting your fans’ interactions on your Page to their friends on Facebook.
Promoting your Page’s social activity allows you to:

  • Drive awareness and promote fan interactions with your business
  • Increase the visibility of yourfans’ engagement with your posts or your Page to generate word-of-mouth promotion

To promote social activity from your Page, simply:

  •    Click http://www.facebook.com/ads/create
  • Select what you would like to promote; this can be 1) a post on your Page, 2) when people Like your Page, or 3) when  people Like a post on your Page
  • Ensure your Page has a minimum of 100 fans so you have enough reach for your campaign
  • Regularly review, pause and optimize your campaigns at http://www.facebook.com/ads/manage
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