Here’s how to do it:

Facebook Timeline Feature

Facebook Timeline Feature

1. Log into Your Facebook Account

2. Activate developer app. Iif you are not aware to do this, type “developer” into the Facebook search box, click the first result (it should be an app made by Facebook with a few hundred thousand users), and add the app. Click ‘Allow’ when the pop up comes in and your are ready. 

 3. Jump into the developer app ( < click the link)

4. Create a new app (don’t worry — you dont have to be a techie to do this and it will not reflect anywhere on your profile). Create a new app with any display name and namespace you see fit. Mark ‘the agree to the Platform Privacy agreement’ as checked.

5. Ensure you’re in your new app’s main settings screen. You should see your app’s name near the top of the page

6. Look for the “Open Graph” header, and click the “Get Started using open graph” link.

Create a test action for your app, like “write” a “novel”, or “drink” a “pepsi”

7. You will get an action type configuration page. Change some of the default settings (Ex: “write” to “wrote” ) click through all three pages of settings, only you can see New Timeline feature unless you submit your application.

8. Wait for some time and Go back to your Facebook home page[Click on Facebook Logo]. An invitation for Timeline feature should be waiting at the top of the page.

And you’re done! We’ve seen this work quite a few times now, so it should work without a hitch for just about anyone.

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